One of the main advantages of using TMT bars for constructing your home is that the TMT bars do not need the additional process of cold twisting which makes the bars corrosion resistant. TMT bars are widely used in the construction of buildings and other concrete structures. These bars are used to reinforce the concrete. Our product range includes a wide range of TMT Bars such as TMT Bars FE500, TMT Bars FE500CRM, TMT Bars FE 500D .


Nominal Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/mtr)
TMT 08MM 0.395
TMT 10MM 0.617
TMT 12MM 0.890
TMT 16MM 1.580
TMT 20 MM 2.470
TMT 25MM 3.850
TMT 28 MM 4.830
TMT 32MM 6.310
TMT 36MM 7.990

(Above weights are subject to tolerance as per ISI)

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