We bring forth to our clients flats steels strips that are widely used in various industries. The steel strips that we offer are nenowned in the market for their smoth and perfect finish. .


Nominal Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/mtr)
19x3/5 0.470/0.790
25x3/5/9 0.600/1.200/1.610
32x4/6 1.00/1.500
40x6 1.900
44x8/10/13 2.166/3.166/3.666
50x6/8/10/12 2.150/2.875/3.940/4.200
65x6/8/10/12/25 3.00/4.00/4.900/5.900/12.400
75x6/8/10/12/16/25 3.500/4.700/5.900/7.100/9.400/
100x6/8/10/20 4.700/6.670/7.800/15.700

(Above weights are subject to tolerance as per ISI)

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