CR sheets or Cold Rolled Sheets which provides a superior surface finish, with improved physical properties of the steel, such as high formability, high strength, excellent dent resistance, good magnetic properties, tensile strength, and workability and welding properties


Nominal Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/
0.45x900/1000x2500 3.532
0.50x1000/1250x2500 3.925
0.63x1000/1250x2500 4.945
0.70x1000/1250x2500 5.495
0.75x1000/1250x2500 5.887
0.80x1000/1250x2500 6.280
0.95x1000/1250x2500 7.457
1.00x1000/1250x2500 7.850
1.20x1250x2500 9.420
1.25x1250x2500 9.812
1.50x1250x2500 11.775
1.60x1250x2500 12.560
1.85x1250x2500 14.522
1.95x1250x2500 15.307
2.00x1250x2500 15.700

(Above weights are subject to tolerance as per ISI)

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