Angle is formed in a specific shape to be extremely stable and able to bear excessive amounts of pressure and weight. Normally bent into an L-Shape (always 90 degrees). Angle is often used to frame or build various pieces of furniture, supporting structures, walls etc.


Nominal Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/mtr)
Angle 19x19x3 0.88
Angle 25x25x3/5 1.29/1.78
Angle 30x30x3/5 1.4/2.04
Angle 35x35x5 2.48
Angle 38x38x3 1.82
Angle 40x40x6 3.11
Angle 50x50x5/6 3.80/4.50
Angle 65x65x6/8/10 5.80/7.70/9.40
Angle 75x75x6/8/10 6.80/8.90/11.00
Angle 90x90x6/8/10/12 8.20/10.80/13.40/15.80
Angle 100x100x6/8/10/12 9.20/12.10/14.90/17.70
Angle 110x110x8/10/12 13.40/16.60/19.60
Angle 130x130x8/10/12 15.90/19.70/23.50
Angle 150x150x10/12/15/16/20 22.80/27.20/33.60/35.80/44.10

(Above weights are subject to tolerance as per ISI)

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