GP Sheet is Galvanized Plain Sheet which is manufactured by Zinc - coating on CR Sheet. Physically it looks silver - Shiny material. Following are the types of GP Sheets in terms of Thickness & Gauge.


Nominal Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/
0.35x900x2500 2.747
0.50x900x2500 3.925
0.63x900/1000x2500 4.948
0.80x900/1000x2500 6.280
1.00x1000/1250x2500 7.850
1.25x1000/1250x2500 9.812
1.60x1250x2500 12.560
1.80x1250x2500 14.130
2.00x1250x2500 15.700

(Above weights are subject to tolerance as per ISI)

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